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To glorify God by equipping graduates to serve the churches in Asia and the rest of the world through the formation and discipling of the whole person within a residential cross-cultural community under the lordship of Jesus Christ.


D iscipled to disciple

We are called to be with Christ, and to be sent out to disciple others (Mk. 3:14).

I ntegration of all of life

We aim to bring all of life under the lordship of Christ. 

S piritual formation

We work with the Holy Spirit in the formation of the whole person through spiritual disciplines, practised both personally and in community.

C hrist-centred cross-cultural community

We nurture a cross-cultural community which maintains our unity in Christ in the midst of cultural diversity.

I mmersed in the Word of God

 We submit to the authority of the Word of God, upon which we build our faith and lifestyle.

P rayer

We depend on God in every aspect of life and ministry, manifested through

oving God and loving people from

E very nation/people group. 


1. Personal wholeness

To provide a safe environment where one can identify past emotional pain and hurts and receive help in and experience healing to enable one to move on in growth and ministry.


2. Biblical theology & worldview

To develop an integrated view of the Old Testament and New Testament, through which one can formulate a biblical theology and worldview to guide one’s life and ministry.


​3. Holistic/integral mission & ministry

To inculcate a holistic view of mission and ministry, which is characterised by culturally sensitive actions that meet the needs of the whole person.

4. Skills for life-long learning

To provide tools and models of ministry which can become a resource for life-long learning and growth.


5. Wholesome/healthy community

To build a community in which our unity in Christ is maintained in the midst of cultural diversity, learning skills in conflict resolution resulting in a servant spirit and healthy inter-personal relationships.

6. Personal spiritual growth

To foster personal spiritual growth through the regular exercise of spiritual disciplines.

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