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To be with Him... and to be sent out... - Mark 3:14

We equip Christian graduates to serve the churches in Asia in the context of an intentional, small, cross-cultural community.

Welcome to DTC

Welcome to the website of Discipleship Training Centre!

May we invite you to know more about us and what we offer in theological education. Our teaching approach is inspired by the belief that students learn best by living and participating in a community, and from teachers who not only share academic and biblical knowledge but also their lives. What we also regard as of utmost importance is the spiritual growth and development of our students. Our motto “To be with Him and to be sent out” (Mark 3:14) defines us, and aptly describes the experience that many of our past students have had.

If you are thinking of theological training, we invite you to consider enrolling with us. You should be able to find out all you need to know from what is posted on this website. For more specific enquiries on admissions, please write

If you would like to receive our newsletter, please drop us a line.

DR LIM K THAM, PhD (Edinburgh)


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